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Each week we will share opportunities to come together to discuss learner-centered ways to lead and learn this fall. And, feature articles or resources that might be helpful guides.


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A New Way Forward is a coalition of organizations working to provide free events and resources for educators, parents, and students who are ready to explore new and powerful ways to think about education and learning.

When we say "learner-centered education," we mean a system of education that recognizes and values young people as unique and whole human beings with the agency to chart and live out their distinct journey of learning. This is a transformational shift away from the conventional, school-centered education system that asks young people to adapt to a standardized, one-size-fits-all approach to learning. 

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Thursday, August 27th at 12 PST/3 EST, join @katiemartinedu and @dvodicka for an interactive session on leading powerful online learning experiences this fall.


Click to read more about a learner-centered vision from Education Reimagined.



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